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When the Bose gaming headset came out, I was so bummed they didn't offer an after market option for the boom mic. This product is the perfect substitute! Now I can enjoy Bose sound when I'm gaming and don't have to bother with overpriced, sub-par gaming headsets....

el Jong

This system is a great alternative to similar, premium brand equivalent with the added benefit that you get a case that charger that organizes all the included connectors to be able to use the mic in with any recorder, tablet, mobile phone, etc. The chase also charges the transmitters and receiver on-the-go...

Joseph M. Ball

These worked great in our church. The range isn't fantastic, doesn't transmit well through the pulpit and a pew, have to keep the receiver in open air while the transmitter is behind the pulpit. The sound quality was amazing even at higher volumes. Reliability was great, battery life fantastic...
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